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Three Qualities That Make Alligator Leather Unique

Three Qualities That Make Alligator Leather Unique

          Being sophisticated with a side of ruggedness is the Cypress Brand look, driven by sustainability. Wild alligator leather takes functionality and appearance up a few notches, read below to learn three unique benefits of wild alligator products. 


          Alligators can survive in the wild anywhere from 30 to 50 years. Fighting off larger predators during the youngest stages of their lives, gators have evolved to grow their own body armor. Harvested alligator leather can last for years and even generations when properly cared for. If alligators can survive in harsh environments, their leather products will survive even longer. 

          Let’s compare cowhide to alligator leather. A top-grain bovine leather wallet has the ability to last up to ten years. Even oxen-made products can endure 20 years. Alligator leather wallets can last up to fifty without needing to be replaced. The same ratios apply for every Cocodrie (alligators name in Louisiana) leather product when put up against other commonly used materials.


          Not only is alligator leather durable, but it’s unique between each item made from it. Like a fingerprint, no two patterns are the same. As with the grains of wood from a cypress tree, each ring will never look exactly like the next.  The same goes for the ridges and valleys of the skin.  The scutes or fused scales have been through tremendous natural occurrences, giving the animal’s skin a story to tell. So, the leather products from wild alligators have a lot of a history that is individual to each alligator.


          As a sustainable resource, harvesting alligator leather helps with the boosting the population. At a young age, alligators tend to prey on larger gators. When the elder populace is under control, it lets the immature grow to their full potential. Read more about how alligator hunting doesn't just help the number of alligators in Louisiana, but also helps bring back the wetlands.

          Veteran-owned, Cypress Brand alligator leather products are made right here in the good ol’ USA. Here at Cypress Brand, each Alligator comes from Louisiana. The skins are tanned in Florida, then shipped to Worcester, MA where they are hand stitched by experienced artisans who have stitched leather for luxury brands for years. Buy your Cypress Brand today.

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